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My Favorite Products For Healthy Hair

We’ve all had our moments where our hair seem to just lose some volume and shine to it.

I’ve grown up with thick and long hair. Growing up by the Mediterranean coast with the humidity, my hair always had enough moisture to stay healthy and plump. As I moved to New York, where it’s dryer, I started realizing that the cold and dry weather were taking a toll on the health of my hair and scalp.

I’ve literally tried everything, all sorts of products.

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is to also take care of your skin and hair. I came across a brand that I have never heard of before, through one of my closest friends who works at this company. She started giving me samples, and told me to try it.

The brand is called Verb Products and they are based in New York. We’re all used to going towards Olaplex and other brands that we’ve been exposed to, which are great, but I’ve never really wandered far from what I normally know to be good for my hair.

I started using Verb Products in my weekly routine, and honestly, as soon as I started washing my hair with their shampoo for the first time, I immediately felt the difference. I thought to my self “there is no way these were going to save my hair!”

But there you go ! A simple straight to the point product that has no parabens, no gluten, and no harmful sulfates, saved my hair and scalp!

They have a wide range of products, from conditioners, to shampoos, to oils, to masks etc. These are my 5 favorite products with links to buy them:

Ghost Shampoo

Ghost Conditioner

Ghost Oil

Ghost Prep

Ghost Hair Mask

I highly recommend using these products if you have natural hair, colored hair, thick or thin hair, any type of hair really! You won’t be disappointed!

My all time favorite product from Verb Products is their Ghost Oil, which I generally use twice a week. Keeps my hair glowing and non oily and healthy!

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