Nour Rizk

“With a journey spanning from Beirut to New York, Nour infuses the world of Pilates with a distinctive and captivating perspective.”

Nour is a highly skilled Pilates instructor with certifications in Reformer Pilates and MAT Pilates from Gramercy Pilates. Her journey in teaching began in Beirut, Lebanon, where she discovered the transformative power of Pilates in healing her neck and lower back injuries.

Taking her expertise to New York, Nour embarked on her teaching career at esteemed locations such as Club Pilates Tribeca and Williamsburg, as well as Coreburn Pilates in Sutton Place and the Upper East Side. She also made valuable contributions to the instruction team at New York Pilates and Equinox, expanding her teaching experience.

An integral part of Nour’s teaching style is her profound connection to music, which she seamlessly incorporates into her sessions. This musical element adds a dynamic edge to your workout, elevating it into a truly unique and invigorating experience.